DIY Mold Testing vs Professional Mold Testing

DIY Mold Testing vs Professional Mold Testing: Which is Better?

There has been a long ongoing debate about the better alternative for mold testing. Some people prefer DIY mold testing while others opt for a professional mold inspection. While you can always go for the DIY alternative of mold test kits, they are known to give unreliable results.

Mold inspection done by certified mold inspectors offers reliable results. A professional mold removal company offers you the best services as they have enough experience and a skilled workforce to take care of your mold problems.

If you are looking for mold remediation services in Dallas, Kings Restoration with its trained and professional staff can offer you the best mold inspection and removal services. 

Whenever you are facing a mold-related issue at your home, two things come to mind. You can either opt for professional mold testing or you can go for a DIY mold testing kit. Let us find out how these two work and which one is a suitable option for you.

How Do DIY Mold Testing Kits Work?

Several things fall under the DIY list. If you don’t want to go for the services of certified mold inspectors, then DIY mold testing kits are an option for you. A DIY mold testing kit comes with a set of instructions, testing plates, UV-proof storage pouch, return shipping box and a lab consultation form. 

You can test for mold in the areas you suspect of mold growth. The test plates provided with the testing kit are enough for a room of approximately 200 square feet. It is recommended to test for mold in prone areas such as the basement, kitchen, laundry room, etc.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and send the collected samples for lab analysis. The testing lab will send a detailed report of the analysis with the amount of mold identified. After that, you can decide whether to do a professional mold inspection or not.

What Mold Remediation Companies Do?

There are a few prerequisites to keep in mind before the mold company is due to arrive for mold remediation at your place. It includes moving the pets to a separate room, moving the cars from the garage or driveway, and clearing the area from the outside to the mold-affected area.

When the team from a professional mold testing and remediation company arrives, they park their truck as near as possible to your doorway. A good mold remediation company will always make sure to keep your house clean during the remediation process.

The local mold inspectors then gear up with head-to-toe white suits, boots, respirators, and goggles. This can be a potentially hazardous process, hence the precautions. Spraying a biocide on the mold-affected area is the first half of the two-step process. Biocides are an effective liquid that kills mold.

The mold remediation workers let the biocide do its work. They return the next day to spray the area with a type of paint that encapsulates the remaining mold. This process is known as encapsulation. A good mold remediation company should spray well beyond the mold-affected area to prevent mold growth any further. 

Difference between DIY and Professional Mold Testing 

There has been a long ongoing debate about this. The users are often confused as to what is a better alternative- a DIY mold test kit or professional mold testing. To understand the differences between the two, we need a new perspective altogether. 

It is commonly said that DIY mold testing kits are simple to use. But when it comes to identifying the presence of mold, a normal person can only see the visible mold or smell it in a room or two. You will have to purchase a lot of DIY mold test kits to identify the presence of mold.  

Although they are easy to use, DIY mold testing kits often come with accuracy issues. The main problem with these kits is the delivery of false negatives and false positives. In either case, there are risks involved and these kits are ineffective when it comes to spotting hidden mold. 

Professional mold inspection, on the other hand, is performed by highly skilled and certified mold inspectors. A good mold inspection and remediation company makes sure that they inspect all the places where mold growth might occur. They follow all the necessary protocols required to get rid of mold.

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering whether the DIY mold test kits yield the desired result or not, it would be better not to rely on them and go for professional mold remediation services. We at Kings Restoration have a team of skilled mold remediation inspectors who will take care of all your mold problems. 

With the best mold inspection in Dallas, we provide the best mold remediation that no DIY test kit can provide. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are DIY mold tests accurate?

The reliability of DIY mold tests is not up to the mark. They are known to give false negatives and false positives at times.

Is mold testing worth it?

If you are facing issues with mold growth at your home, then it is the best move to have mold testing from a professional mold remediation company as soon as possible.

Do you need a mold inspection or testing?

Mold inspection or testing done by professional mold inspectors can make a huge difference. It can help you to identify all the hidden molds and save your home from severe structural damage.

How to Contact a Mold Removal Specialist?

If you are looking for a mold removal specialist in Dallas, Texas, then you can contact Kings Restoration for the best mold removal and remediation services. 

What are the effects of mold on health?

Mold can have a severe effect on your health as its presence is known to cause respiratory problems as well as skin allergies.

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