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Don’t Take Chances with Mold Removal- Hire a Professional

Mold is a common problem for many homeowners and although it may seem like a simple issue to tackle and sort out on a weekend as there are quite a few DIY mold removal techniques to try it can be risky to attempt DIY methods to get rid of mold. 

From health and respiratory issues to chemical reactions, many things could go wrong with DIY mold removal. Even the slightest mistake can cause the mold to spread faster. It’s essential to hire mold removal services by experienced professionals. 

Professional mold remediation companies like Kings Restoration have the necessary experience to remove mold from residential and commercial properties without the risk of side effects. In this blog, we’ll explain in detail the potential dangers of DIY mold removal and why it is best to hire a professional. 

The Risks of DIY Mold Removal 

  • Improper Mold Removal 

Even the smallest amount of mold leftover can start to grow again and release contaminants and mold spores into the atmosphere. Furthermore, mold that’s not directly visible causes the most damage. The mold visible to your eyes could be only a small portion of the entire growth, while the rest spreads within the walls or wood. 

Experts know how to detect the presence of mold not visible to the naked eye. We know effective methods for thorough mold cleanup. 

  • Incorrect Equipment 

A pair of gloves and a mask is not sufficient to get started with DIY mold removal. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), mold can cause eye and skin irritation, asthma attacks, nasal infection, sore throat, lung issues, etc. Using the wrong equipment will result in mold spores spreading all over the house. 

Professional mold remediation companies use advanced equipment that restricts the spread of mold spores through air filtering systems and keeps your home safe. 

  • Exposure to Harmful Chemicals 

With DIY mold removal, you are likely to buy a chemical from your local store. However, exposing yourself to such harmful and toxic chemicals can lead to many health issues and allergies. Your risk is doubled as you are exposed to chemicals, mold spores, and other contaminants. 

As a reputed mold removal company, we use only EPA-approved chemicals that are safe for people, animals, and your property. Also, we know the right quantity and combination of chemicals to remove mold (excessive use of chemicals is not recommended). 

  • Contaminating HVAC Systems 

If the mold manages to enter your HVAC systems, it will spread throughout the house before you know it. Inspecting the air ducts is not easy unless you have the experience. Ignoring them will leave the job incomplete. This is best left to professionals. 

  • Ignoring Indoor Air Quality Testing 

Do you know that the air quality inside your home can determine mold spread and contamination? Other allergens also enter your home through the vents and lead to respiratory problems. Mold remediation services include a detailed inspection of your home to identify all causes resulting in mold growth. 

  • Not Cleaning Up Afterward 

Mold removal is a complex and stage-wise process. Once complete, the entire property has to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the traces of lingering contaminants and chemicals. Failing to do so will result in a repetition of mold growth and spread. Leaving the job to experts will ensure all steps are performed the right way. 

  • Not Treating the Root Cause 

No amount of DIY mold removal will be effective if the root of the problem continues to thrive. What you think is the cause of mold may not be right. That’s where professionals help. We conduct a complete inspection of the site to identify all problematic areas. 

  • Not Identifying Types of Mold 

Each type of mold requires a different cleaning technique. If you can’t identify the mold correctly, it’s almost impossible to know the right removal process. Book professional mold inspection services for your property. Our expertise empowers us to identify the type of mold and the extent of damage it causes while safely removing it.  

The Benefits of Professional Mold Removal Services 

The above-mentioned risks can be avoided by hiring a professional mold remediation company

  • Expertise and Experience 

Mold damage restoration is best left to companies with experience in the domain. Choose a service provider with at least a few years of experience to get the maximum benefits of the skills and expertise. 

  • State of the Art Equipment 

Professionals have advanced equipment and tools to effectively clean and remove mold from different places. You will get a thorough cleaning to contain the spread of the mold throughout the house. 

  • Health and Safety 

No more worrying about hazardous chemical reactions, allergies, and other health issues. Professional service providers take careful steps to minimize the side effects and use eco-friendly cleaning agents. 

  • Cost and Time Savings 

You will save time, money, and energy by relying on a mold remediation company rather than trying to do it on your own. Paying professionals is safer than risking your family’s health. 

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  • Certified Professionals 

Professional mold cleaners are trained, certified, and insured for the job. Their attention to detail and comprehensive service cannot be replicated through DIY processes. 


DIY mold removal is risky, hazardous, and can result in long-term problems. Hire a professional to effectively tackle the issue and make your home safe and hygienic. 

Kings Restoration is a locally owned business with over two decades of experience in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and other services. 

For mold remediation in Fort Worthcontact us at 682-557-1736. We offer 24*7 services. 

Summary: Mold can be a result of serious leakage, water damage, etc. DIY mold removal methods are ineffective, risky, and harmful to your health in many ways. Professional mold cleaning and remediation companies offer expert services using advanced equipment and EPA-approved chemicals. This reduces the risk of side effects and eliminates the root cause of mold growth. Talk to a mold removal company to contain mold spread and safeguard your home. 

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