Flood damage vs water damage

Major Difference Between Flood Damage & Water Damage Explained

It is common for people to confuse water damage and flood damage. They might not be aware that water damage and flood damage are two different types. People often realize this error too late, after they have tried to file a claim for flood damage repair and realize that flooding is another matter.

Let’s find out the significant differentiators between water vs. flood damage. 

What is Water Damage?

Water damage refers to many losses caused by water intruding upon the material or system and allowing it to be destroyed by destructive processes such as wood rot, growth, rust, delamination of plywood, etc. 

Water damage causes many property losses, no matter how fast it happens. Depending on the speed of the damage, it can be imperceptible at first but eventually mar a surface, or it can be catastrophic at once, such as flooding. Water damage and the process of water damage restoration can be covered or not by an insurance policy.

Defining water damage from an insurer’s standpoint is easy and does not involve a lot of thought. A simple leaking pipe can lead to an inconsequential plumbing issue, or a more complicated issue could involve a refrigerator, washing machine, or even an air conditioner.

The most common cause of water damage is a leak gone wrong. It is usually an accident by nature. Also, water damage is often referred to as damage caused by running water, preferably on a real-time basis.

Causes of  Water Damage?

Water damage is more likely to be covered under homeowners insurance than flood damage, but it is very important to read your policy carefully to confirm what the insurer covers. For instance:

  • Storms that are strong enough to soak through your roof can damage your walls and floors.
  • The ceiling below could get saturated with water after a pipe burst upstairs.
  • Your bathroom floorboards are soaked due to a toilet overflow.
  • Hailstorms can damage your windows and let water into your home.

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What is Flood Damage?

Flood-caused mutilation is slightly more difficult to describe than water damage. It is a natural phenomenon that builds up over time to become a flood that causes flood damage. 

It may seem counterintuitive to blame the rain or storm for the flood damage, but weather & natural calamities cannot be controlled by anyone. Rain, storms, and hurricanes that cause damage to your property with the flow of water or because the water percolates into the floor, attic, or patio can be considered a natural cause of water damage.

When flood waters accumulate inside a building and gush simultaneously, they cause less transient damage. If a slope cannot run down, flooding can occur in homes, farms, or other establishments.

In addition, flooding can often be viewed as a more encompassing disaster caused by tidal and inland overflows, mudslides, and even excess water buildups that exceed normal, cyclical levels.

Causes of Flood Damage?

Generally, floods are defined as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of more than two acres of normally dry ground or of two or more properties (at least one of which is the policyholder’s property) from:

  • Overflow of tidal or inland waters;
  • Surface water accumulation or runoff from any source that is unusual and rapid;
  • There is mudflow; or
  • Subsidence or collapse of land adjacent to a lake or similar body of water results from erosion or undermining attributable to the inundation caused by waves or currents of water exceeding anticipated cyclical levels.

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Difference Between Water Damage & Flood Damage 

The main distinction between flood damage and water damage is that flooding damages are often unabated and uncontrollable, while water damage is often induced. Unlike water damage, a flood can impact more than just your house, as the ravages of your neighborhood are likely to affect other houses as well. In addition, flood damage affects a wider range of properties and may involve more than one.

Apart from the difference in devastation, water and flood damages can also be separated based on the policy you buy.

When Should I Call Professionals for Water Damage?

Water damage requires immediate attention. As there is no universal answer to this question, the best time to call a restoration company after a water damage incident will vary with the damage’s extent and the situation’s requirements. 

For the most part, it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible because they have the necessary experience, knowledge, skills, equipment, and other resources to handle the situation. The specialists can also detect larger problems before they cause further complications.

No one expects to experience water damage, but when they do, it’s critical to act quickly. Damage caused by water can be extensive in a short time. The best way to deal with such situations is by calling a water restoration company.

A water damage issue can cause serious problems, and a professional restoration service should be called as soon as possible. 

Professionals have the necessary knowledge, skills, equipment, and resources to handle the process. Furthermore, they possess the expertise to discover larger issues before they become more troublesome.

Water or Flood damage restoration companies offer a wide range of services, including emergency water extraction, dry-outs, mold eradication, and reconstruction. These professionals are equipped to handle all types of water emergencies, and we will work efficiently and quickly so your property can return to normal.

Remember that knowing the signs of water damage to your house is crucial to preventing extensive water damage. You need to look for signs of mold growth, stains on your walls and ceilings, and water build-up under the floor.

Kings Restoration for Flood and Water Damage Restoration

The home is typically the most prized asset of any family or individual, and we ensure that every home is treated with the utmost respect. At Kings Restoration, we believe in offering the best services available to ensure the restoration and Water damage cleanup are carried out to the highest standard. Our experts use only the best and latest cleanup technology to ensure a smooth, efficient, and quick restoration process.

Feel free to contact us if you are faced with water damage in the area. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency services.

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