Mold Removal Services: The Key to a Winter Allergy-Free Home

Mold Removal Services: The Key to a Winter Allergy-Free Home

Mold infestation is commonly considered a seasonal problem, and many homeowners in Fort Worth think mold issues disappear in the cold weather. But while temperature affects how mold grows, it’s a year-round problem.

So, if you’ve been suffering from extreme winter allergy issues, it could be due to black mold growth and exposure in your property. When people spend too much time indoors, it increases their likelihood of unhealthy mold exposure. Cold, damp air also promotes mold growth in many outdoor locations during this time of year. 

So, whether you’re dealing with indoor or outdoor black mold, mold allergies in winter can be a problem that can’t be overlooked. Continue reading to identify common signs of mold growth in winter and learn how to address and prevent these issues.

Can Mold Grow in Cold Temperatures?

Yes, black mold requires only three things to prosper: adequate moisture, food source, and the correct temperature. But contrary to what most homeowners in Fort Worth may think, mold doesn’t only grow in warm environments.

Different molds thrive under different conditions, and some molds are more likely to blossom in the cold winter months than others. Each type of mold infestation has minimum and maximum temperature ranges, with many fungi variants thriving in spaces between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, the right temperature conditions for black mold growth in winter are also ideal for comfort, and we tend to heat our properties to stay within those parameters.

Where Does Mold Typically Grow in Winter?

Molds are also frequently present in wet or damp indoor areas. The most common places to find indoor mold include:

  • Around leaks in windows, roofs, or pipes
  • Where flooding or moisture accumulation has occurred
  • In dust
  • In paints, wallpaper, or drywall
  • On carpets, fabrics, or upholstery
  • In insulation material
  • On paper products
  • In or around indoor plant pots

If you don’t see any visible signs of mold growth in winter, you may still be able to identify the problem if you smell an earthy or musty odor, if your property has recently undergone water damage restoration, or if you’re experiencing health problems.

Do Mold Allergies Go Away During Winter?

Unfortunately, people with mold allergies often experience more symptoms during the colder weather when they’re more likely to be indoors for long periods. Additionally, mold allergies in winter can be worsened by indoor heat and moisture, which can launch black mold spores collected in your ducts and other places into the air.

Symptoms Of A Mold Allergy

Black mold allergy symptoms range from mild to severe and vary from person to person. You may have year-round signs or symptoms that flare up only during certain times of the year. Additionally, some people may notice these symptoms when the weather is damp or when they’re in outdoor or indoor spaces with high mold exposure.

Signs and symptoms of a winter mold allergy in Fort Worth can include,

  1. Excessive Sneezing
  2. Stuffy or runny nose
  3. Watery eyes
  4. Mucus (phlegm) in the throat (postnasal drip)
  5. Cough
  6. Itchy eyes, nose and throat
  7. Dry, scaly, and itchy skin 

Mold allergy and asthma

If you have a winter mold allergy and asthma, exposure to mold spores can aggravate your asthma symptoms. In some patients, exposure to certain molds in Fort Worth can cause a severe asthma attack. 

Signs and symptoms include:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness

It’s important to reduce your mold exposure to help you manage your asthma and allergies. It may also prevent children in your home from developing asthma or allergic rhinitis.

Quick Tips For Prevention of Mold Allergy In Winter

  1. Identifying all damp areas and drying them
  2. Using proper ventilation to avoid moisture 
  3. Avoiding having many indoor plants on closed surfaces
  4. Regularly washing rugs, mats, and towels.
  5. Always using a ventilation fan during showers or baths.
  6. Using mold-resistant products to equip your house
  7. Monitoring the humidity of your room 
  8. Fix roof gutters
  9. Getting rid of old recycled material, newspapers, and any upholstery or fabric exposed to moisture.

How Can Mold Removal Services Help?

Mold removal or remediation performs a mold inspection in Fort Worth, identifying and repairing the source of the problem leading to mold growth, such as water damage. 

Commercial or residential, all spaces are susceptible to mold formation. A professional mold remediation company first initiates mold testing to determine the areas affected by mold exposure. Then, the mold removal process begins, including the complete disposal of infected debris. Lastly, a chemical treatment follows along with a post-remediation inspection.

At Kings Restoration, our secret is attention to detail. As a professional mold removal and remediation company, all our methods are scientifically tested, and we follow the best industry practices. Our expert team professionals use advanced technology and EPA-approved checks every nook and corner to give you a safe, healthy, allergy and mold-free environment.

Final Takeaway

Anytime mold spores and dust mites are present in the home, your winter allergies can trigger and make your home living miserable. To better control your seasonal allergies, you need to hire a professional mold removal service to get rid of black mold on walls.

With over 20 years of industry experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Kings Restoration provides superior solutions to common black mold issues for homes and businesses. Our expert teams provide in-person mold inspection, followed by state-of-the-art equipment for mold remediation to make your living and office spaces in Fort Worth safe and sound. 

Our professional emergency response team is available 24×7 and can be contacted easily by phone or by filling out an online request form. So, if you find winter mold infestation in your home or office, speak to us and our experts and benefit from our expertise in mold remediation instead of cleaning it alone. 

Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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