signs of Water Damage Problem

7 Signs You Have a Water Damage Problem

Water damage is a hazardous situation and can happen more often than you might realize. The age of your home has nothing to do with water damage. The water damage problems can take a toll on the structural integrity of your house and can get even worse if not taken care of. Any sort of leaks due to faulty plumbing or a leaking roof can cause significant damage. 

The American Insurance Association (AIA) stated that the rise in water damage claims has grown faster than any other component. They also pointed out that these hazards could have been prevented if the homeowners were attentive enough to the water leakage problems.

The more the water damage problem persists, the more it causes the risk of molds developing inside and outside of your house. Molds are well known for causing respiratory health problems. No matter how small the water damage problem is, getting it fixed on time is the wisest decision. 

Identifying the signs of water damage can be a bit tricky at times. If the water damage is visible, then here are the signs you need to look out for.

Signs That Your Home Has a Water Damage Problem

Dark and Wet Spots: Discoloration of the walls due to water damage is one of the most common signs. You should look for apparent watermarks on their ceiling as well as the interior and exterior of your home. 

Visible puddles: This can happen when you don’t take care of ongoing water dripping. Pooling of water can cause puddles and if a puddle comes back after you just cleaned it, the signs point to a water leak problem.

The sounds of running water: It is not always possible to see a water leak. But there are times when you might be able to hear it. If there is an apparent water leak, then you will be able to hear dripping or water running. Stay alert when you come across such situations and listen to the changes in sound. 

Cracks and flaking on the wall: Visible flaking or cracks on drywall are signs of water damage that may not be visible. This can happen to the room walls as well as the ceiling.

A spike in utility bills: A sudden spike in your water bill could be a sign of a possible water leak that you are unaware of. This could be a hidden leak that you haven’t noticed yet. In such scenarios, seeking help from professional water damage restoration services is the ideal approach. 

The smell of Molds: The uncanny smell of molds developing, especially inside your home is hard to miss. This is usually caused by dampness on the walls due to water pipe leaks and causes molds to develop. 

Rise of humidity inside your home: If you experience a sudden rise in humidity or moisture level inside your home, it is a clear sign of water damage. Water leaks can cause the humidity level to rise and the feeling of discomfort should serve as a clear sign.


If you are experiencing a water damage problem, then it is best to look for water damage repair services before it causes any significant damage. 

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With thousands of homes rescued from water damage, our team of trained professionals takes pride in the work we do. The satisfaction of our clients is paramount to us. Contact us for the best water damage restoration services today. 

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