Professional Sewage Cleanup Services

Why Professional Sewage Cleanup Services are Essential

Clogged drains cause sewage backup, resulting in large amounts of contaminated water entering your home. It can also lead to cracked or busted pipes and other serious damage to the plumbing system. For many, the first reaction would be to use a plunger or chemicals to unclog the drain pipe. 

However, it is highly risky to clean sewage backup on your own. The safest method is to call a reputable sewage cleanup company to take care of the job. Rely on locally owned companies like Kings Restoration to get rid of sewage backup, blockages, clogs, and dirt from the drain pipes. 

Here, we’ll read more about the health hazards of being exposed to sewage and the risks associated with it. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring professional sewage cleanup services. 

Health Risks of Sewage Exposure 

The sewage system collects wastewater and other unwanted materials from the bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc. It naturally produces toxins and harmful bacteria that could affect our health if we were to come in contact with the accumulated sewage. 

Cleaning the sewage backup without proper equipment will increase your exposure to harmful waste. It can affect you and your family in many ways. Kids, seniors, pets, and people with sensitive health are at a high risk of contracting infections. 

  • Bacterial Infections 

E. coli is the most common bacterial infection caused by exposure to sewage. A person can also be affected by other diseases like salmonellosis, shigellosis, trachoma, and melioidosis due to exposure to sewage backup when attempting to clean it without professional help. 

  • Viral Infections

Gastroenteritis and hepatitis A are common viral infections caused by sewage backup. Fever, nausea, constipation, sore throat, cramps, abdominal pain, etc., are symptoms hinting at these infections. You can easily avoid these health risks by hiring sewage cleanup services instead of trying to get rid of sewage backup on your own. 

  • Parasitic Infections 

Parasitic infections occur when sewage water contaminates drinking water or other consumables at home. Hookworm infections, dwarf tapeworm infections, etc., result in vomiting, abdominal pain, and other symptoms similar to viral and bacterial infections. It’s vital to get the sewage backup removed by experts before it can affect your health. 

Benefits of Professional Sewage Cleanup Services  

You can not only avoid various health risks but also gain many benefits by hiring sewage backup cleanup services from professional companies. 

  • State of the Art Equipment 

Professionals don’t resort to DIY methods or use random tools to clean sewage backup., instead we invest in advanced equipment designed exclusively for the purpose. This enables us to thoroughly get rid of the backup without resulting in side effects. 

We use EPA-approved chemicals to prevent allergic reactions and minimize environmental damage. Using the right equipment and chemicals empowers us to complete the task faster than it would take you to do on your own. 

  • Safe and Effective Cleaning 

When it comes to cleaning sewage backup, safety cannot be compromised. Our professionals are trained and certified to clean any kind of clogging and sewage backup in the drains. We don’t just clean the waste and leave. We do a complete inspection of the property for any underlying factors that may be causing the issue. 

Drain obstructions such as hair, plastic, and non-biodegradables will be removed to allow the wastewater to flow freely through the pipes. Professional cleaners follow a systematic process to ensure effective results and increase the longevity of the plumbing and sewage system. 

  • Proper Removal and Disposal of Contaminants 

Commercial sewage cleaning service providers know how to dispose of waste and debris without damaging your home, surroundings, or environment. DIY methods can result in a job half-done and provide short-term relief, along with a few side effects. 

However, experts follow a tried and tested method from start to finish. No need to get your hands filthy or expose yourself to harmful elements. 

  • Drying and Sanitizing 

Cleaning sewage backup is just one part of the job. The space has to be cleaned, dried, and sanitized to prevent the spread of infections. Professional companies use commercial-grade equipment such as air movers and vacuum cleaners to fully dry the space. Once dried, they will use eco-friendly chemicals to sanitize the region and kill harmful bacteria/viruses. 

  • Detect Early Signs of Damage 

When cleaning sewage backup on your own, you may miss the signs of other damages like moisture in the walls, mold growth, weakened drain pipes, etc. 

However, companies offering restoration services will inspect the walls and pipes. They will detect early signs of damage and suggest appropriate measures to solve the issues before things get out of hand and increase your expenses. 

Choosing the Right Sewage Cleanup Service 

Professional service providers have many years of experience in cleaning sewage backup and effectively tackling various complexities that occur in the process. They provide reputable services and have certified professionals to deliver the results. 

Furthermore, paying a service provider will be cost-effective in the long run as you can avoid expensive damages and repairs caused by ineffective or wrong cleaning methods. Even your health will not be affected. Kings Restoration believes in maintaining budget-friendly sewage cleanup costs. 


Timely intervention can prevent the adverse effects of sewage backup. Don’t risk your health and safety by being exposed to harmful sewage backup. Call us instead. 

Hire Kings Restoration for complete sewage cleanup, mold remediation, and other water damage restoration services. We are a locally owned business with 20 years of experience working with residential and commercial clients. 

Contact us at 682-557-1736 for cost-effective sewage cleanup in Fort Worth. 


A sewage backup is messy, harmful, and annoying. However, trying to clean it on your own is dangerous for your health and home. It is always recommended to hire professional sewage cleanup companies as soon as you see the early signs of clogs or sewage blockage to prevent the issue from getting severe. 

Commercial service providers are trained, certified, and insured. They have advanced equipment and domain expertise to provide thorough sewage clean-up services. 

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