Water Damage Restoration


    Water Damage Restoration

    Water damage can spell disaster for your home. From leaking faucets to pipe bursts, water damage can prove to be very costly. Needless to say, you require a reliable service provider who can offer quick and efficient water damage restoration solutions within your budget. 

    Kings Restoration has been providing a host of water damage restoration services, such as water extraction, repair of water-related damages, mold remediation, structure drying, and sewage cleanups for the past 20 years.

    Trusted by hundreds of our loyal customers, our company has been the foremost water restoration company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    Why is Water Damage Bad?

    Water damage can lead to a host of problems, which, unless treated, can lead to permanent damage. It can cause structural problems to your property, the repair of which can prove to be a costly affair.

    Furthermore, it can also lead to mold and mildew issues, foul smell, and musty odors, which can result in respiratory disorders.

    Finally, water damage can lead to other problems, such as electrical damage and lasting stains on the walls and carpets. Therefore, it is important that you take action immediately even when the damage is small and relatively easier to fix.

    What are the Types of Water Damage?

    Understanding the type of water damage you are facing is crucial as this is directly related to your insurance claims. Depending on the type of homeowner insurance coverage, certain damages are included while a few others are not.

    Following common types of water damage are covered by insurance:

    • Sewer backup or water backup
    • Overflow and discharge
    • Some Flood-related issues

    You need to know the type of damage that you are dealing with while filing an insurance claim. Your insurance agency will send an adjuster to verify the type of damage for which the claim is being filed.

    What are Some of the Common Water Damage Scenarios?

    The most common types of water damage scenarios are:

    Roof leak:

    Roof leak is perhaps the most common type of damage. After a storm, there might be a leak in the roof, leading to water trickling down and ruining your floor and walls.

    Appliance problem:

    The laundry machine or the dishwasher can malfunction, leading to water flowing on to the floor.

    Sewer malfunction:

    If you have sewage water or wastewater coming out of the drains of your bathroom or kitchen, you should immediately call your local water damage restoration company. Sewer malfunction is perhaps the most common type of water damage that can occur on your property.

    Pipe leaks:

    From minor leaks to major breaks to a pipe burst, these can lead to overflowing water and should be checked immediately.

    Sprinkler issues:

    Water left behind in the sprinklers can freeze up in the winter, leading to pipe damage and, in extreme cases, bursting of the pipes.

    Flood Waters:

    A flooding of the nearby river caused by heavy rain or storms can lead to flooding of dwelling units and homes.

    Process of Water Damage and Flood Restoration at Kings Water Damage

    At Kings Restoration, we understand that water damage can occur at any time of the day or night. As such, when there is water damage, the restoration process must begin right away. Our dedicated team of flood restoration specialists are at your beck and call 24 hours a day.

    At Kings Restoration, we follow a five-step process for our water restoration services:

    • We assess the situation to understand the exact nature and scope of the damage.
    • Next, we explain to our client the nature of the damage and our restoration solution.
    • We then extract the water from the problem area
    • Then we dry the damaged structure and components
    • Lastly, we use dehumidifiers and other tools to ensure that no moisture is left behind.

    Why Choose Kings Water Damage Over Other Water Restoration Companies?

    As a water damage and restoration company, our prompt service and professionalism are legendary. We provide a wide range of water damage restoration services, including storm and flood damage restoration, appliance leak cleanup, repair of bursted and frozen pipes, sewage cleanup and repair, structural water damage restoration, and carpet water damage restoration.

    Further, our dedicated team of professionals is capable of handling all kinds of damages in both residential and commercial properties.

    FAQs related to Water Damage

    How Long Does It Take to Dry Out Water Damage?

    The duration of drying up of walls and floors can last up to 5 days. However, this depends on a number of factors, including the extent of the damage and its nature of it. For large-scale damages, the drying out process and restoring your property can take up to two weeks.

    Does Water Damage Get Worse Over Time?

    Water damage, when not treated properly, can get worse over time. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to the formation of mold and mildew that can severely impact the respiratory health of the residents in the home.

    How Bad is Water Damage to a House?

    Apart from the expenses that repairing such damages can entail, there can be other issues too. Stained walls and carpets and damage to the structure of the house are just a few of the bad effects of water damage to a house.

    What Happens When Water Gets in Your Walls?

    Water, when trapped inside the walls of the house, is absorbed by the wooden building material of the walls. This makes the wall vulnerable to cavities and rotting, apart from encouraging mold growth and musty, pungent smell.

    Do You Have to Replace Water-Damaged Drywall?

    Whether you need to replace damaged drywall or simply repair a section of it depends on the nature and the extent of the damage. If the damage is large and extensive, then it is better to replace it entirely in order to give it more structural integrity. Only an experienced service professional will be able to tell you about what needs to be done.

    How Long Does It Take to Dry Out a House After a Flood?

    Complete drying and water removal of the floodwater can take anywhere between 12 hours to a few weeks depending on the nature of the flood and the method used in water extraction and drying. A professional water damage restoration company must be used for this procedure.

    What do Water Restoration Companies Do?

    In places where public emergency services are not readily available, water restoration companies act as the first responders in cases of major floods or natural disasters. Their main job is water damage mitigation.

    Such companies can also respond to small and pressing needs of individual residential or commercial units. Water restoration companies typically take care of flood situations, sewage overflows, pipe bursts, leaks, and similar problems.

    Mold Remediation
    Mold can produce allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause …
    Structure Drying
    Kings Restoration uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers and drying equipment …
    Sewage Cleanups
    Sewer backups can progress to a more severe Category if left untreated. …
    You can easily classify water damage into 3 primary categories. These are classified on the basis of source of damage, molds, chemicals and for how long the water has been damaging the property. King’s expert local contractors can help you determine the severity of the damage
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    Any signs of the smallest of water seepage must not be overlooked. In the case of a major event like pipe bursts or flooding the things become apparent but most of the time the damage is happening behind the scenes. As part of regular inspections, one should look out for obvious signs of water leakage or water damage such as moisture, stains etc on walls or floor. Proper water damage restoration is a key part of recovery should your residence or commercial establishment get affected.
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